Original Photography by a Unique Guy

Winona Amtrak Station.

Well this was Week 2 of Chiaroscuro, only this week I had the task of going out and shooting an exposure that shows “meaning/depth” or something like that. Personally I am not a fan of taking images with a direct meaning or intent. I would rather have the viewer look at an image and pull their own meaning from it. but none the less, this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy!

NOTE: As always, I ask that you do not save images to your local computer with out permission. Information about permission can be found on the About page. Thank You.



This photo is of the Winona Amtrak Station. I shot it on Saturday night, just as the Empire Builder arrived. Despite the numerous odd looks, I was able to capture this shot with a 20-30 second exposure using an aperture setting of f/8-16.

The “Final” print is actually the first print that I made. I was quite happy with it, but I wanted to clean the negative and try to remove some of the dust spots from it to make the second print look better. In the cleaning process, I ended up scratching the negative as you can see in the “Rough” image. In the “Rough” Image I also used less time, to try and bring out more of the building, however then I lost the true black of night, and was less than impressed. Over all, I think the first print is the best, and I went through quite a few test prints to get it to come out with such sharp contrast. In my opinion the shadows in the image emit sort of an eerie feeling, but how does it make you feel?

Until next time, Enjoy!


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