Original Photography by a Unique Guy

Color in various forms…

Wow. It has been two weeks! Not OK. But to make up for it I will be sharing a few more photos then I have been recently. Enjoy!

NOTE: As always, I ask that you do not save images to your local computer with out permission. Information about permission can be found on the About page. Thank You.

As I have made the transition from 35mm back to digital (per my professors requirements) I spent an afternoon shooting various color relationships. Understanding how colors work together is vital to being a good color photographer. To analyze these relationships I wanted to take very elemental images that attempt to convey a feeling of place and nothing more. Each image is filled entirely or mostly with part of a building. (be prepared, The next few posts will have a lot of photos like these, as for a final photo series, I will focusing solely on place, primarily on walls)

This photo is one that uses blue predominantly throughout. Not only is the sky blue, but the dormer is mostly blue as well.

This photo is one that uses predominantly orange throughout. It is of the bamboo wall in the SLC and I exposed it to bring out the natural orange hues in the wood.

This photo loosely explores Harmony of the Complement (Orange/Blue). I liked how the hot afternoon sun makes the church appear more orange than usual, and the cloudless sky is just impressive in this shot.

This photo explores Harmony of the Same. I used Blue once again, because I thought that this was too cool of a shot to just throw away. I also really think that this photo shows a very strong feeling of place, more so than some of the other photos.

This photo explores use of accent. I was walking down Main Street, and saw this on the side of the Post Office, and I couldn’t pass it up. Not only does the sign in the upper right break up the image as an accent, but the red/white combination really pops against the sea of brown.

This photo uses muted colors. There are not any striking colors in the image. It could almost pass as a black and white image, however under closer inspection, One notices the muted colors in the image.

Another color relationship is Black & White or Grayscale. To explore this, I shot the below image in color because even in color there is very little perception of color, giving off the feeling of B&W, but then I also desaturated the image to show how it might have appeared if shot in B&W. Both renditions are interesting (in my opinion) and I think both work when exploring the world with out color.

Color Version

Black & White

Well that sums up my rather brief exploration of color relationships. Now for 2 macro images of produce.

Since I first started shooting photos, I have always been a fan of showing objects and locations in ways that they are not normally seen. The bulk of my photography features a short depth of field and unnatural proportions. By zooming in to 300mm and using an aperture of f/5.6 I am able to isolate just a few leaves in the sea of pineapple tops. It separates one from many, and makes a rather boring useless part of a fruit something more interesting. The lighting in Rochester Wholesale Fruit is rather poor quality, so I did use Photoshop® to bring out some of the already present colors. This makes the images stronger than the original, without changing the over all essence of the image.

Ogres are like onions, they have layers. But this photo does not have layers, and that is all I will say about it.


Off to North Dakota tomorrow. I’ve never been. Hopefully I will be able to bust out the camera and snap a few photos. Stay tuned!


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