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The Darrell W. Krueger Library

This past week I had the task of shooting “Framing” in Black and White. There are many ways that this can be taken, after all what the photographer chooses to include (or not include) in the image framing in itself. Elements within the image can also serve as frames. here are 2 very different takes on framing and I hope you Enjoy!

NOTE: As always, I ask that you do not save images to your local computer with out permission. Information about permission can be found on the About page. Thank You.

The Darrell W. Krueger Library

I shot this photo with my 16mm lens  at ~1/750 sec and ~f/16 on Sunday 2/20/2011. It is taken from the third floor of the Integrated Wellness Complex on Winona State’s campus. As a result of the fast shutter speed, the aluminum that separates the windows, becomes silhouetted, which was a goal of mine. I wanted the black around the windows to frame the windows, and the individual windows to frame other aspects of the image, namely the Darrell W. Krueger Library. To improve this image I would Spot Tone the image, which is something I will probably do in the near future.

Jefferson's Pub and Grill

This photo was shot the night prior to the last one. I brought my tripod down to the river, and took a few shots of the Winona bridge, and then decided to shoot Jefferson’s as well. I personally LOVE the way lights will star in long exposures, so I shot this for 30 seconds at f/16. This image is Framing in the sense that I chose what and what not to include in the image.

Hope you enjoyed these images. More to come later this week!